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Circle: Basecamp Program

Creating your personalized, long-term investment strategy starts here. 


Summit Program

Creating your personalized, long-term investment strategy starts here. 


If your goal is a 9 figure portfolio…

You need to work with people who have one.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve made some serious headway as a real estate investor. You’ve probably taken down a few big deals, you have access to capital, and you’re hungry for more. 

The reality is that most investors top out right around where you’re at right now. Somewhere in that $3-15M portfolio range is where people get stuck. Whether it’s lack of deal flow, lack of human resources, lack of capital, or market conditions - this is typically where investors begin to wave the white flag.

And to be honest, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! A portfolio of that size can afford you great passive income, a comfy life, and a stable financial future. But if you’re still reading this, I get the sense that you’re the type of person who wants more. 

You’re the type of person who knows that there’s another level. And with the right network, the right strategies, and the right tools, you’ll get to the next level. We know you’ll get to the next level because you’ve already come this far.

There are 3 reasons investors don’t achieve the 9 figure portfolio mark: money, systems, or deals.


The Circle: Basecamp Program is designed to teach you how to get the money, how to build the systems, and how to find the deals you need to take your portfolio across the 9 figure threshold.

Let’s get started.

A Snippet from A Basecamp Session...


Meet your guides

AJ Osborne

AJ is your lead instructor inside the REI Circle. In the past 15 years, AJ has been in the trenches buying, building, and converting commercial properties. As an owner and operator of Cedar Creek Capital, AJ has built a vertically integrated commercial real estate management company that has $300M in assets under management, 1.8M square feet of real estate, and over 9,000 doors. His knowledge extends across all commercial and residential asset classes, but he primarily focuses his own investment dollars on self-storage facilities.

Brittany Arnason

Britt comes from a background in single family investing. Closing on 28 investment properties before her 30th birthday, Britt is a rising star in the investing world. Her investing origins include DIY fix and flip projects, house hacks, single family rentals and small multifamily properties. Today, Britt is still aggressively expanding her residential portfolio while also making large acquisitions in the commercial space. Britt’s passion is teaching beginner investors how to go from 0 to 1 deals and then turning that first deal momentum into a portfolio that you can retire on.

Introducing the Circle: Basecamp Program


Journey Points Included

  • Basecamp

  • Alpine

  • Summit


Limited Spots Available

  • Everything in Trailhead, Forest, and Basecamp PLUS
  • Bonus Group Coaching with AJ Osborne
  • Live, In-Depth Deal Analysis and Review
  • Expert Guide Drop-In Calls
  • Access to Dealflow from the Cedar Creek Wealth Team
  • Access to Wholesaler Connections
  • Performance Group Coaching Session
  • Monthly VIP Networking Night
  • Additional Downloadable Resources and Tools
  • Exclusive, Fully Private Community

Our Golden Guarantee

If you engage in our 6 week program and leave without feeling like you have a clear-cut, long-term investment strategy that is personalized for your goals… We will refund 100% of your investment in this program no questions asked.



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