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If you’re going to succeed as a real estate investor…

You Need a Clearly Defined Strategy

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re pretty new to the real estate investing game. Maybe you have a few deals under your belt or maybe you’re still hunting that first one. For a long time you’ve known that real estate investing is the path you need to go down to create the future you want – the passive income, the time with your family, the moment where you finally put in your notice at your W-2.

But for some reason, you’re not as far along in your investing journey as you want to be – and that’s totally okay.


I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The reason you’re not as far along as you want to be has nothing to do with you and everything to do with how the industry is set up. Around every corner, you see another book, ad, podcast, course, or meetup about this hot asset class or that new strategy. It’s a never ending stream of content that holds back beginner investors from getting started because with all of this content, how could anyone possibly know where to begin?

And once you finally get started, the investing waters get muddier and muddier. Everyone has an “expert” opinion, everyone has the “bulletproof” strategy that made them millions… And all of these things come together like a hurricane to blow you off course.

This is the reason 95% of investors end up falling short of their goals…

Because they never had a clearly defined, long-term investment strategy. 

The Circle: Bootcamp exists to ensure you’re in the winning 5%.

Let’s get started.

Meet your guides

AJ Osborne 

  • 20+ years REI experience through 2 recessions
  • 2022 Idaho Business Reviews Accomplished Under 40
  • $300M AUM
  • Author of best-seller Investors Guide to Growing Wealth in Self Storage

Brittany Arnason 

  • Started investing at 18 years old
  • DIY investor turned Commercial real estate
  • Currently owns SFHs, Apartments, and self-storage facilities
  • Featured on BiggerPockets, 30 minutes to wealth (TV), and Only Woman in The Room (book)

Bree Hartman

  • Nutritionist Coach Turned RE Investor
  • Bought first storage facility through lessons of REI Circle
  • Networking + Connector Expert

Introducing the Circle Expedition

Journey Points Included

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  • Basecamp

Next Session Starts April 25th

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  • A clear path forward that fits YOU as an investor

  • 6 Week Accelerator lead by Bree

  • Weekly Live Calls Guiding you through the F.O.R.E.S.T.

  • Weekly Video Modules from Britt and AJ
  • Weekly Homework and Downloadable Tools and Resources
  • Access to private Slack group
  • ...and more!









Our Golden Guarantee

If you engage in our 6 week program and leave without feeling like you have a clear-cut, long-term investment strategy that is personalized for your goals… We will refund 100% of your investment in this program no questions asked.



Don't just take our word for it - hear success stories from some of our previous students!                         


"I started my journey in real like so many others: the cheapest house possible. I'm not some off market savvy buyer so it wasn't free but it was a $20,000 house on the fringe of a “war zone”. After years of being a glorified babysitter, therapist, financial advisor, and handyman I was done.

I tried multifamily too. I still have a 25 unit but it's not much different, just one roof instead of 25.

I had heard many people work their way through the ranks of SF and MF ultimately ending up in commercial. I'm guess I'm there. I am currently liquidating my residential portfolio and using the proceeds to go commercial.

Along this journey I wanted to learn from some of the best. AJ and Britt make for the dynamic duo. AJ has years of business acumen and one impressive portfolio. Britt also has years of experience but growth along a path closer to my own."

- Dustin Young, Commercial Real Estate Investor

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