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How Real Estate Investing Changed AJ's Life

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Don’t Start Small

Trust us, we get it.

As a new real estate investor you’re probably looking to get a few deals under your belt before trying to play with the big kids. Every book or podcast is telling you to start with a single-family deal and then build from there. 

If you can buy one single-family home for the next five years and each one is cash flowing $200 per month, you’re going to be sitting on $12,000 per year of passive income! For new investors, $12,000 per year in passive income is a huge accomplishment and it should be celebrated!

But what if it didn’t need to take 5 years to get to that point?

What if you could get that $12,000 per year of passive income in a few months? What if in 5 years you were generating enough passive income to retire? If you want to fast track your success, commercial real estate should be your starting point.

Are you ready to start big, close the knowledge gap, and buy your first commercial property?

Meet Your

REI Circle Instructors

AJ Osborne

AJ is your lead instructor inside the REI Circle. In the past 15 years, AJ has been in the trenches buying, building, and converting commercial properties. As an owner and operator of Cedar Creek Wealth, AJ has built a vertically integrated commercial real estate management company that has $200M in assets under management, 1.8M square feet of real estate, and over 9,000 doors. His knowledge extends across all asset types in the commercial real estate space, but he primarily focuses his own investment dollars on self-storage facilities.

Britt Arnason

Britt comes from a background in single family investing. Closing on 28 investment properties before her 30th birthday, Britt is a rising star in the investing world. Realizing that the single family investing model doesn’t provide the level of scalability she seeks, Britt has partnered with AJ to get started in the commercial real estate investing world. She will serve as your guide and mentor throughout your journey in the REI Circle and will support you with content, coaching, and resources to get to the place that she’s at now in the commercial real estate space. 

Inside the

REI Circle

If you’re looking to get started in commercial real estate investing and then dramatically scale your portfolio, you’re in the right place. Take a look at what you’ll get
inside the Circle.

Get the Keys to the Castle

AJ built his portfolio over fifteen years leveraging systematic frameworks. Inside the REI Circle, you will learn how to leverage these frameworks for your own real estate empire across acquisitions, valuations, offers, due diligence, closings, operations, and scaling.

In delivering these frameworks, you are essentially getting the keys to AJ's castle. 

Take a sneak peek at his acquisitions framework:
  • Identify assets inside a strict investment criteria
  • Perform market research to verify growth opportunities
  • Build detailed models to underwrite the asset 
  • Analyze existing and projected to make an offer decision
  • Review decision and submit a letter of intent

Each of the steps in AJ’s acquisition framework include granular tasks and processes. Unlock all of the details inside the REI Circle so you’re not flying blind during your first few deals.


Beyond the Framework

Systems will be essential in starting and scaling your commercial real estate portfolio, but the REI Circle takes your experience so much further. Once inside, you’ll gain access to:

  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Deal Flow Access
  • Customized Accountability Groups
  • Curated Networking Opportunities
  • Premium Group Coaching with AJ Osborne
  • Interactive Q&As with Britt and Industry Experts
  • Insider Investor Community Slack Channel
  • Live, Asset-Specific Trainings
  • Private Instagram Stories with AJ and Britt
  • Step by Step Education Tools
  • Investment Calculators and Other Resources


Other Investors are Catching On

The commercial real estate space is brimming with opportunities for investors in any financial situation. The opportunities across commercial asset classes have attracted a new wave of investors in the past few years.

The time to educate yourself is now. 
The time to network with other investors is now. 
The time to get specialized coaching is now.

​​Don’t wait for all of the residential investors to catch on.

Beat them to the prize and get started today!

Your Opportunities Are Endless

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Guaranteed Content, Coaching, and Community

  • 5 x Commercial Real Estate Investing Training Modules
  • New modules added each month!
  • FREE Access to MyPropertyStats Software Tool
  • FREE Access to REI Circle Exclusive Podcast
  • REI Circle Spotlight and Weekly Mailbag Opportunites
  • 1 x Group Coaching Session with AJ Osborne per month 
  • 1 x Interactive Q&A with Britt and Industry Experts per month
  • 2 x Accountability Group Meetings per month
  • Access to Private IG Stories from Britt & AJ
  • Insider Investor Community Slack Channel
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Deal Flow Access
  • Curated Networking Opportunities
  • AJ’s Proven Success Frameworks
  • Investment Calculators and Other Resources


  Hear from REI Circle Members



"I have traded tools, met partners, and re-evaluated my entire business vision thanks to my involvement with the CRE inner circle! I have completed half the program so far, and I already feel the progression in my mindset as well as business. I am certain that I will be scaling much faster thanks to the resources and support from the CRE Inner circle.It is highly motivating to be surrounded by other investors who are action takers. Well worth it!"

- Satisfied Member

“Britt and AJ truly outdid themselves with the CRE Circle. The Circle is truly friendly for all levels. Any question or confusion you might have with getting started in commercial real estate they answer before you even need to ask. It also provides you with a solid group of people to network with who are on the same mission. I would recommend this to anyone in Commercial Real Estate!”

- Brittany Stujenske

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